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If you can see this, your browser does not understand Iframes. To see content : link DiamondDog May 10,AM I don't agree with his opinion that he was "always heterosexual" or his religion. But I found this article to be interesting so I posted it here. Re-emerging as David Papaleo, he identifies as straight but is sickened Sex Atlanta woman hot right-wing Bible-thumpers who preach anti-gay hatred. The versatile bodybuilder made at least 15 sex flicks in his first two years. Handsome and talented, he started earning a lot of money.

If I dated someone, it would be for two or three years. Your attitude here is no different than the gay people you've condemned for telling you that you are gay and in denial.

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Family is important to me and a strong work ethic. Hey y'all. Actions define buedy person, don't they? I've been told I'm cute. For example go shopping go to the come home and get sexual etc. Life's easier when you stop thinking that hard about labels and identity. He further goes on to say If you can't accept that, then you are just as bad as they are.

That's Bi at the very least.


Why'd he stay in it for years and become a male escort? That's what you want. He can say that he's "always been heterosexual" or that he was converted to heterosexuality by Christianity all he wants but nobody will take him seriously or believe him. Stop judging The more freaky stuff your into gets you cloested the front. Papaleo even showed them a few magazine covers. He never claimed that he was "converted to heterosexuality by Christianity" Papaleo as prepetuating the myth of sexual orientation "conversion" through Christianity which is what the "ex"-gay movement is about.

Closeted homoflexible man seeks female chat buddy

Says who? He is not blaming anyone else for homoflexibpe past, he's not denying his past, he's not directing any rage at anyone else, he's not being defensive or evasive. You have to read between the lines to see that this is an "ex gay" issue.

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To make money, he unloaded trucks and worked as a personal trainer. And preparing for competitive bodybuilding takes up all your time. Re-emerging as David Papaleo, he identifies as straight but is sickened by right-wing Bible-thumpers who preach anti-gay hatred.

Closeted homoflexible man seeks female chat buddy

I somehow doubt that Mr. Physical stimulation can cause orgasm whether one "likes it" or not. He made the choice to be in gay porn, use drugs, be a male prostitue, and become self loathing.

Here’s where to start.

Monday is over. Your statments are no different to Dan Savages own biphobic statements, DD, except you're using them against someone who currently identifies as straight, and forcing them into a mold of your own choosing. For the next seven cchat, David lived in a rural area of Massachusetts with his mother and stepfather.

Closeted homoflexible man seeks female chat buddy

Who died and made you the judge as to who is bi,gay, or straight? I'd like to find a girl whose attractive, intelligent, not interested in me being her science project, budddy her own mind and is fun and easy to talk to And as a gay porn star he had boyfriends. Judging him or making jokes about something that's very painful in seeks life, especially given his troubled state of mind and his turn to religion, would be ungracious.

I like to cook. The terms heteroflexible and homoflexible are just other words for being bisexual. And as for becoming heterosexual? It's not that those guys are REALLY heterosexual there's a concept in gay porn called 'gay for pay' where supposed "straight" men have gay sex.

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Through a Christian bodybuilding website, Dallas Voice e-mailed Papaleo and requested an interview. Not your prejeduces. If he is taking the position of acceptance by Hoomflexible, no matter your sexual orientation, why would he want to renounce his sexuality if he WERE bisexual?

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